Zeppole di San Giuseppe, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. Gianni, Excellent video. I use my electric hand mixer to help incorporate more "air" into the batter. It helps make them bigger and more "fluffy". Thanks for sharing, I love watching you cook!!

  2. What great memories of the beautiful past growing up in an Italian home with these delicious zeppole. Grandma was a traditionalist as well, Gianni. She'd make these ONLY for St. Joseph's day. We'd have to wait 364 days until the next St. Joseph's day to have homemade ones again (although we did occasionally sneak off to the pastry shop on Arthur Avenue to get them during the year.) I remember saving the sour cherry until the last bite!!

  3. ciao Gianni forse dopo tanti anni di America hai dimenticato un po' come si cucina italiano…. comunque sei fantastico e vorrei tanto fare la tua esperienza……vorrei cucinare in America..!!

  4. Ciao Gianni. Happy St. Joseph's Day! I'm heading to Eagle Rock Italian Bakery & Deli for my annual Zeppole di San Giuseppe. If you're ever in Los Angeles on March 19 and can't make 'em yourself, I highly recommend it. Best, Geoff

  5. Caio, Gianni!  The book is called, "The Fifteenth Crimson Lily" and takes place almost entirely in North Beach.  I'll be glad to send you a copy.  It's described on Amazon.  Have a great week and continue dishin' up those great Italian meals!

  6. Gianni, next year when you make those zeppoles again next year, you ought to bring one or two over to Father Oliveri at St. Peter & Paul Church.  I met him when researching info about a book that included his parish.  If I had known about YOU at the time, you would have also been part of that book as well.   Your Italian food is SUPER!

    Tom Layton, Simi Valley, CA.

  7. Looks good . Its mid january and I will be making these this year . I made chiacchiere at xmas. When I saw these on yt my wife said it reminded her of what her mom use to make called awan ewan or iwan did you ever hear of this? Everyone loved them. 

  8. Ciao. Happy New Year.

    I had fried zeppole with anchovy on my New Year's Eve dinner menu but I didn't have time to make them.

    These fried savory zeppole are very different from the sweet zeppole di San Giuseppe. My mom made them often with either anchovy or chopped clams and I love them. Her recipe is from Mirabella Eclano in Campania 40 kilometers east of Naples.

    I'll make some this weekend and post a photo and recipe. Do you want to share your recipe too?

  9. Gianni, my wife's grandmother made zeppole with an anchovy in the middle, since she passed I make this every Christmas as she would to carry on the family tradition. Have you ever heard of this? If so, where did it originate? I love your recipes and always look forward to the next.

  10. @nls8520
    The Italian population peaked at about 60,000 in the '30s but declined as families moved out of North Beach to other parts of the Bay Area. In the '80s there were about 500 Italian families still living in the Village. Today there are probably several thousand Italians or Italian-Americans in North Beach.

  11. Gianni, Your videos are nothing but fantastic! enjoy ever last one. Let me ask you this, in your intro you said "what is left of the Italian American community in San Francisco", was there a lot of Italian Americans in San Francisco as one time? Just curious about that statement as I am an east coast guy, so not too familiar with San Francisco. Please keep these outstanding videos coming.

  12. That looks so delicious, I don't know how you could limit yourself to eating it just once a year! Also, major props to your editor for the transition from the store to your kitchen at 1:00. I actually stopped and rewatched that!

    I love your videos! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and charm!

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