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  1. Oh hell yeah, another Wednesday quickie! "this stuff smells good, I'll tell you that" well okay then. Sounds A-OK to me. Always love a good pork chop. Gawd, they looked beautiful, Booger. You always cook great. "Taste some garlic in there" well that's good! Hey great review, and superb cooking!

  2. Booger I love pork chops, Zatarain's is a fine spice mix. You really wild with this air fry cooking method, need to give this one a try. Nice recipe for healthy fried pork chops with a twist.

  3. omg those chops looked so good. you sure find a lot of different little cooking spices oils and breading when you shop. I was able to find different things when I lived in Toronto but nowt in a small town not a big selection. l can order from Wal-Mart but they dont have things like you get in the states thanks for sharing love watching you and Fritz

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