Zabaione ( liquid egg custard ) original Italian recipe


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  1. The zabaione must be served immediately, it would separate even if you add gelatin… maybe you can find mousse recipes that are more suitable for your restaurant on the Giallozafferano App, such as white chocolate or strawberry mousse!

  2. I have tried adding cream, to make it like a mouse, but the result was two layers. I thought if i had gelatin, i can make it more consistent. The objective is to use it in a restaurant, served cold, like a mouse. Do you have any idea how con I do it? Thx for everyhting

  3. Hi there. I make it, and kept it in the freez. the next day I had 2 layers, the creamy one above and a more liquid in the bottom of the glass. Is it normal? It tasted delicious 🙂

  4. Hello and thanks for the recipe!! You say in the end that we can use the custard to make a tiramisu. How do you mean? We use the custard as base and then add mascarpone and it's done?

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