Yummy Oxtail Soup Recipe – Oxtail Soup Cooking – Cooking With Sros


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  1. Oxtail soup is my first love. Show me what you've got. Ok it's not the way I would have gone but I' not crazy about papaya. Love the garlic an you use a larger amount of oxtail in the United State that would be about $40. $50. worth of oxtail. I'm lucky to get $10. for oxtail alone then its potatoes, cabbages, Hominy corn, rice, garlic. Of course with the crock pot takes 3-4 hours or pressure cooker about an hours and a half could have been faster but we don't use the pressure part that often. We just got it. Thank You Loader.

  2. I liked watching this recipe. I don't know if I'd like oxtail, but all the herbs and vegetables looked great. I bet I'd love the recipe if it was chicken soup. I liked how much you talked in this one. You should invite some more people to share it on camera!

  3. More I watch her cook and picking fresh veggies, just make me
    Miss home my Caribbean home more and more. And the out door cooking, the animals in the back ground, the birds whistling … oh I miss home Trinidad 🇹🇹 Caribbean life 😭

  4. In Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 the stuff she called cilantro … we call it Shadow Beni or Bandania and we use it in all our poultry and seafood cooking, plus spicy chutneys and so much more recipes. Mind blowing flavorful herb it is.

  5. I love that you wash the meat you cook and everything you need is right there and you don't have to go to the food store or market for it and you cook very healthy foods some that I have never tryed before and sure looks good after your done take care

  6. I pressure cook my 🐂 tail.. Cutts the cooking time down and tender 🍖. Oh so 👍 good. I add chilli or brown gravy. 😋..
    We made stuff outtta the bones after nawwed on it.. Or made bone 🍲…

  7. oh, you just cut up the tail , skin and all. yikes. I do enjoy watching you cook these disgusting things but I have to admit when I watch you eat them… I always gag!

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