Yummy & Juicy Pork Tomato Fry | Northeast Indian Pork Recipes | Pork Fry | Assamese Pork Recipe


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  1. I've made this dish before but I already forgot which cut of pork I used 🙁 which do you use? I remember the pork being very tender and not dry at all after cooking

  2. Nice , ভাল লাগিছে। তোমাৰ চেনেলটো subscribe কৰিছো দিয়া ।তুমি মোৰ চেনেলটো subscribe কৰিবা হা।

  3. I am happy to try new things, but I spent over $20 on ingredients and followed the recipe to a tee. Result was a completely BLAND dish (which I kind of knew would happen given there are limited spices (tumeric!) ….
    I really also hate reviewers who claim dishes are fantastic when they are in fact far worse than even average. But that's the Internet I guess – all and sundry claiming to be cooks. I could have spent the money on a fabulous Indian dish at my local restaurant.
    In sum, I got sucked in again … I am the fool.

  4. I love this. I had pork trimmings because that's all that was at the store. Mostly fat and this was a good way to use them up. I did render them down as the first step, then fried the onions in some of that pork fat. Delicious and nutritious.

    Also, I had some leftover canned tomato sauce so I added a few spoonfuls at the end. Thanks.

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