Yummy cooking soup of pork recipe – Cooking skill


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  1. I love your show. I wonder if you could write your recipe in your description box (in English). For example, the name of the ingredients and the quantity required. That would be very helpful. Thank you.

  2. Major cringe everytime you cut and chop..Fold your fingers inward never outward and let the knife slide up andown your knuckle..It will protect your fingers and is the.proper way to cut..Youre welcome .

  3. Idk why people are saying shes finally eating something normal. First of all lmao, everything she's eaten is the norm in her culture. Just because you don't eat balut, snakes, frogs, does not mean it's not normal. This is their food, their lifestyle. Therefore normal for her. If you ever lived in a rural province, this is the way you can live off.

  4. Baby girl, Lady… Yu you, makab no no mi, as a lamba, sambal, muy ok? So, mi, motashi w/o body from ranch. Mo mika mina sine mo yoi suki ya wiki suki. Ana so is qua, jibi deki ko nomo no bono, my girl… Like Odin, my ring belongs to yu.

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