Yummy cooking sea food recipe – Cooking skill


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  1. I really like this young lady but some things do not add up. She is set up to appear as living simple. But the food she cooks, though prepared simply and traditional to many cultures, are very expensive even for many in western cultures. She wears channel jewelry etc but yet she appears to live in very humble surroundings. It doesn't change that i like these videos. I just question what is being suggested.

  2. you girl have tried all types of stupid foods right just remaining human flesh, jesus christ if you tried that thing ehh i will file a case for you stop making this rubish videos why cant you try and eat your shit as well foolish girl

  3. To Lena lucki, your not lucky, you properly can't even cook and your the stupid one for even saying that STUPID comment. She knows how to cook very well, I wouldn't even try yours ( cooking).

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