Yummy Bitter Gourd Stuff Pork Recipe – Bitter Gourd Stuff Cooking – Cooking With Sros


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  1. too much wash in bitter gourd is useless, I prepare wash before slicing it and not wash it again, the vitamin will not go off, the more it is bitter the more the better.

  2. Found your channel late last night, and I have not stopped watching! Superb! Real! Friendly!

    What I really like about your cooking is that you take your time, and I've never seen anyone wash their food as many times as you! 👏👏👏

    I saw on a video of yours that someone asked foe you to do a Question & Answer session with your fans, I'd love that!

    I love your natural cooking, outside, minimal items. I'm in America, and I know all the kitchen gadgets people here need to have. I know one thing, I'd butcher my fingers using that knife/peeler thing, lol. I also love the minimal tool you used to grate the coconut – stick with a bottle cap nailed in. Primo!

    *edit – You've inspired me to cook, and I'm not a good one at all! Lol. I'd love to try some of your recipes! I'm very thankful you don't cook up those fat coconut grubs 😲
    That pig face scared the crap out of me! 😂

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