Yum Yum Sauce : Yum Yum Sauce Recipe : YumYum Sauce : Habachi Sauce : Asian at Home


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  1. white sauce recipe …. 1 tbsp honey …1 tbsp brown sugar (light ) …dukes mayonnaise 1/4 cup ( prefer duke ) , 1 tspn corn starch ( dilute with lemon juice 1tbsp ) , dash of siricha ( or how ever much you like to your tasting )

  2. I just made her recipe. It tastes nothing like the yum yum sauce at a Japanese restaurant. After making this the only thing I could think of what to do with it, was add more mayo, mustard and Asian chili sauce an am using it as a salad dressing. I also bought store bought yum yum sauce which DID taste like what your used to a a restaurant. I appreciate the attempt to give us the recipe for yum yum sauce, but in my opinion, its not even close.

  3. I feel like the contrast or lighting or something is kind of weird in some of these videos, they make Seonkyoung's face have a glare sometimes…I know you're very pretty but you're blinding us with your face! 

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