Yoshinoya-style Gyudon | 牛丼 | Japanese Beef Rice Bowl | 5-Minute Recipe


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  1. Great recipe, will have to give this one a go. But that music all the way through was horrible, all I wanted to hear was Adam's sensual cooking voice. Re-edit without annoying music please.

  2. This guy and chef dai have basically taught me so much that I can say I can cook good japanese food by myself after a few practices thanks to their well edited videos and effective teaching! Hearts out to you guys!

  3. Adam is the kind of friend you don't want to invite to your home because the moment you do, your parents will say shit like "why can't my son be like you?" and the next thing you know, you are kicked out of the house to make room for him

  4. Made this a couple nights ago with a couple substitutions. No beef on hand but I had pork shoulder that I sliced thin. And I cant find a source for cooking sake nearby so I used xiaoshing wine in making my teriyaki. Maybe those are drastic deviations, maybe minor. In the end it came out great and was so fast and simple that I will use this one again. This one is easy for anyone to replicate.

  5. I was just talking about Yoshinoya to a friend, when we were both remembering our own trips to Japan. Yoshinoya is soooo good in Japan, as to be expected 🙂 even their competition, Matsuya is so good too!

  6. You freakin idiot, I will use a leaner cut of beef, so I will not have to skim off the fat. I would not and will not use your recipe for soy sauce. Moron!! Why use that much of your trash sauce, when it takes less soy sauce for the taste!!!

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