Yakitori (Sticky Chicken Skewer) Recipe – SORTED Eats Japan


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  1. Just a tip if you are having trouble measuring the water needed to make fluffy rice:
    1. make sure the rice is leveled inside the pan or the rice cooker (whatever you're using)
    2. stick your pinky finger barely inside the pan just to touch the rice surface
    3. fill it up with water
    4. make sure the water surface reaches more or less the first segment of your pinky finger

    I've been using this technique, works every time

  2. MSG isn't anymore harmful than anything else – it's also naturally made by boiling down konbu (seaweed) until all that's left is the crystalized msg. Basically, if you've ever thought japanese/korean soups with "fish stock" were good you were eating msg laden food! It's why they put konbu AND bonito flakes in. Many non-fish sources are also high in naturally occurring MSG, like mushrooms, chicken stocks, tomatoes, hard cheeses and even grape juice. The more you know!

  3. When I was in Japan Yakitori was always basted whilst it was being grilled! it was also the way my Japanese friend's dad who was a cook showed me how to do it!

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