Yakitomorokoshi (Grilled Corn) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. This is actually amazing, i never knew it was this simple.
    I've got to make this some day. It brings me much nostalgia from when I was on a drive from Tama City to Mt.Fuji. There was a small shop with rice crackers the shape of Mt.Fuji and outside of the shop was grilled corn stand.

  2. Are kotteri mirin and mirin the same thing? I picked up the first bottle I saw that said 'mirin', and I'm not sure I have the right thing. It's pretty thick and sticky, and it's extremely sweet, which is not what I expected since I've heard it described as a 'cooking rice wine'. I just want to make sure.
    (It was for okonomiyaki, but I suppose I'll get a faster answer on the most recent video…)

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