Yaki Onigiri (grilled rice ball) recipe – Japanese food 焼きおにぎりの作り方 レシピ


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  1. yes I have seen that too but that is half as good as the ones that pour it topb and bottom. The really good japanese tapas restaurant authentic japanese place does it that way and it is so yammi. When I first did it myself I used your recipe and it was the last time I did it. I guess it depends on your taste but I choose the other way because I like it so much better.

  2. Hello, I noticed in all of the recipes this is made with white rice… my family follows a very strict diet and we do not buy white rice.. does it really make a difference what kind of rice is used for this?? would it still work and/or taste similar if i used brown rice? or do i Have to buy white rice to make this? and how do you make your rice so sticky??

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