World’s Best Pasta e Fagioli Fazool Recipe Cooking Italian with Joe


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  1. Thank you for the great video. I didn't know you can add bread crumbs like that.. But why don't cook the pasta in with everything else? (most other recipes for this dish do that..)

  2. Pasta e fagioli is the correct name. And it never contains two pounds of ground beef which I have seen people doing and it turns my stomach. I lived in Italy and where this comes from they are called the bean eaters because they couldn't afford anything else way back when and they still eat a ton of beans. I always cook my own beans however I am out so I'm going to have to use canned beans rinsed extremely well. I'm vegan the meat has to be left out but I don't miss anything I put in a couple of drops of liquid smoke and it tastes delicious at least my pasta e fagioli recipe. I am out of both red and white wine to cook with. I use Riesling when I use white wine to cook with it is light it has a citrus finish and it's not gross. Carrots celery and onion the aromatics used in most countries in the world except Louisiana is going to want green pepper onion and garlic that is their holy Trinity.

  3. Joe, got a question for ya. What would be a good versatile white wine to cook with? I'm a red wine man myself so I don't cook with white wine at all but your recipes are so damn good I want to try and make some myself, like this one. I don't need anything really expensive or exotic, just something decent that can be used in making pasta, soups, white meats, etc. Something off the shelf as it were….lol

  4. Im not a wine drinker so im dnt know much about wines. If I do have a glass….it must be sweet wine im not fond of those dry wines. Ive heard when cooking with wine always work with a wine youd drink….so that being said….i would only tolerate sweet so like a pinot grigio? Is this ok to use in this recipe?

  5. Enjoyed! ❤️ FRANKIE BABY! …BUT VOLUME IS LITTLE LOUD IN THIS VIDEO…IT WAS HARD FOR HARD OF HEARING FOLKS LIKE ME TO HEAR!!! Keep the music in background please!???! I'm 73 and my Nonna told me when I was young and learning to cook ….if you put a couple of drops of olive oil in your pasta water…..IT WON'T STICK TOGETHER! If I were you I'd use a great olive oil like…VITO AND JOE'S!!!! An Authentic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Straight From A Wonderful Italian Family Farm Deep In The Heart Of The Old Country! Oops! Shameless Plug!) LOL 😂

  6. My friends all used to say, when your mother passes away, she might leave the recipes behind, but nobody will ever make it as good as she did…how right they were.

  7. Hi Chef Joe, my parents are from Abbruzzi, my mum use to make this recipe when I was little, it's one of my favorites, my kids grew up on this sorts of food. My kids are adults now & have their own lifes & love coming to my place for authentic Italian food the Abbruzzi style. I really love the ingredients that you've used so next time I'm going to try it your way. Gracie Ciao Ciao from Melbourne Australia 😎🤗

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