World’s Best Homemade FRENCH TOAST Recipe


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  1. I made these this morning, thank you for sharing the recipe!! They were so delicious!!! Everyone woke up and came into the kitchen asking what smelled so good.

  2. I was trying to make sure I have the proper amounts of ingredients… Unfortunately your website is on accessible to somebody who is blind and your other videos you have the ingredients and everything in the description box as well it would be great if you keep that up! I really wanted to get this recipe and a couple other recipes where you don't put everything in the description box!

  3. Simiiar to the way my mom taught but half the butter and no nutmeg. I bought day old croissants from the grocers bakery and made "french toast" for our Christmas brunch….oh my, what a treat!

  4. Nice! Memories of my dad making it on the weekend like you.. plenty of butter 'cause that made it. He'd use stale bread, make a sandwich with slices of banana, cinnamon and brown sugar in the middle. Heart attack on a plate but worth it. Thanks philly. 🙂

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