World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Cooking Italian with Joe


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  1. Your personality is as awesome as your recipes, I'm hooked! Quick pro suggestion: I visited your website hoping to conveniently grab this recipe – so I could use my recipe grabbing platform (PlanToEat dot com) to catalog and reference this recipe in the future. I did not find this recipe on your website, but wanted to grab others I saw there. I could not because you have them in PDF form. I don't print my recipes anymore, I just go to my recipe app and bring my phone to the kitchen. On YouTube you usually see the best chefs (with hundreds and thousands of followers) leave a link to the recipe below the video, leading to a blog post where the recipe can be grabbed easily from a recipe saving platform. It's easy to have your "Recipes" from your website menu link to an easy blogging platform, but these days blogs are often built right into most website building platforms. I think more people would visit your site and buy your awesome olive oil if grabbing your recipes were more convenient. I certainly appreciate an old-school approach with many things in my life, especially cooking; but I would not want lo-tech to get in the way of building a huge following – you deserve one!

  2. I do not want cheese in my choc chip cookies. No nutmeg either. Choc chip cookies only should have choc chip cookie type ingredients. Toasted nuts are well worth the trouble. But no way, hazelnuts or almonds. Yuk. Not in choc chip cookies. Must be walnuts or 2nd choice, pecans.

  3. Just found your channel. So nice to see someone cook like my mom and Nonna. You have great recipes and techniques. Love your channel…ciao. 🇨🇦🇮🇹

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