World's Best Blueberry Pie Recipe Cooking Italian with Joe


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  1. Hi Chef Joe. You are the best Chef ever and you remind me of my mother dear as we are neighbors. You know Italy and Tunisia are so close in geography as well as culture, though we live in USA but we always stick to our roots and the way we cook. Anyway Chef I am also a good cook and I love cooking and if ever you would like me to teach you some of the best typical Tunisiain dishes I am ready dear. Thank you so much and God bless you. Nabiha Clayton. Texas.

  2. Grandmammas BlueBerry Pie

    4 pints of blueberry

    1 cup sugar

    unsalted real butter

    teaspoon of vanilla

    juice from 1/2 of a lemon

    1 and 1/2 tablespoon corn starch

    egg wash/ egg with milk

    Nutmeg, and 3 tbsp butter to the blueberries while cooking

  3. Great video can't wait for my pie to come out of the oven. That said, you might want to edumacate your camera person on how to focus because a lot of the time it's out of focus when zoomed in. And like others said writing down the recipe in the description would help people who need a quick reference instead of flipping back and forth on the video to find the right spot. Keep up the good work!

  4. Excellent recipe for both the pie dough and the blueberry filling. My pie is in the oven right now. I thoroughly enjoyed both videos. Good explanations and directions. I can't wait to watch your other videos. Nothing but thanks, appreciation, and kudos coming for me.

  5. I do the same thing after cooking…RARELY let anything cool completely before cutting the first piece. 😂 I'm way too excitable for doing the responsible thing 😉
    The pie looks divine. Just subscribed and I'm gonna try it!

  6. It’s funny, when you said can you taste it, I could, lol, that’s really not like me to do, great video Joe, I’m new to your channel, but I really like what I’m seeing, and I’m very picky about who I listen to whenever I’m cooking. I’m going to try this on Saturday, I can get some nice blueberries from me friend in the mid west. Thanks for sharing Nonni’s recipes with us. Dio benedica il mio amico.

  7. Mouth watering video ,
    I take my scrap dough and lay it on a cookie sheet ,add egg wash ,sprinkle with sugar and bake it along with the pie ,but for only 15 minutes or so .
    A good crust is what makes a great pie .
    With your pie crust recipe ,you don't need filling , just eat the crust ,YUM

  8. Thanks for these pie recipes particularly the pie crust recipe- like cross between traditional American pie with an Italian aspect; eager to try it. Have you ever tried the Italian pasta frolla which is made with eggs? and used for Crostata -the Italian jam pie? Wondering what your thoughts are on that.

  9. What the? You didn't even show the pie . What's with not turning it to see the inside. 👎You talk to much, and it's not Italian.

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