Working Class Momofuku: Affordable Momofuku-style Bo Ssam (Pork Shoulder Recipe)


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  1. I've just gotten into grilling and have cooked several butts more the southern style, smoke @ 225 for 6hrs, foil for 6 hrs or however long to hit 195F. My brother told me about Bo Ssam and right off the bat, that is a different pork shoulder as a Boston Butt has a flat bone whereas yours has a long bone, I'm assuming you've got the lower portion of the front leg? Yes, I can get it for $1.29/lb so your pricing is on point though my Butts are usually 8-10lbs. Might give it a go soon as the curing with salt and sugar is more like a ham, though brief, and the brown sugar carmalization is like a ham too. I might try the brown sugar with some Coleman's mustard as that goes well with ham recipes. Bottom line, what cut of meat is that?

  2. You forgot the Ssamjang dipping sauce! Most Korean grocers carry the Dojenjang and Gochujang. It is pretty easy to make, just be sure to really taste as you go or it could be a bit funky.

  3. Just put it in the oven. This is the first time I ever did a dry rub brine. Usually dip it in salt sugar water mix. Drew a ton of liquid out of the meat and left it with a candy like texture. This is going to be soooo good! Only modification I'm doing is 225* till the meat next to the bone hits 190* with my remote meat thermometer. Then taking it out and using the sugar rub and putting it back in @ 500*. You didn't say what you were basting it with in the video. I'll be using melted lard.

  4. Looks great. I'm going to be making this for my B Day tomorrow. Just put the roast in the fridge. Forgot about the sauces so back to the store tomorrow. Asian market so I can get a small jar of Kimche to go along with it. Great video.

  5. This has become my favorite recipe, thanks for the video. Today I am making it with a boneless pork butt. The Whole Foods butcher said it was the same thing. I know he is wrong; but I wanted to try it anyway, on the outdoor grill. It's cooking now and looking great. Yum!

  6. Please insert text in either the bottom or the top of the video for consistency. I kept missing the written instructions when they were inserted at the top of the screen when I had been reading text at the bottom of the screen.

    I just made this, but have not eaten it yet. It looks amazingly delicious!

  7. This looks assom (corny i know), but i was wondering what is on the shoulder just before you put it in the oven? Is it lard? Also what do you baste it with does it have a lot of natural juices? Well great work guys. Thanks

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