Wonton Soup: Classic Chinese Recipe


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  1. your mom is adorable! btw, what is chicken base? and what might be the international name for this product? I don't think I have seen anything labelled chicken base in UK. IS it stock cube? If so, is it some special chinese stock cube?

  2. Wontons are very easy and inexpensive to make. You can freeze a big batch so you can always have some handy. Thanks very much for viewing my video on Chinese Wonton Soup.

  3. Depending if you have access to a large Chinese Chinese supermarket, you might find thinner wrappers. Great to hear from you in New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my channel CCRSTV.

  4. Love to see my mom cook just like yours I bet you love watching her too it's like so beautiful watching that beautiful woman cook for you with Soooooooo much love!!! I have an idea can I barrow her for a week so I can learn her recipes and then show my mom…….pleaseeeeeeee???!!

  5. Thanks very much for your kind words. People used to tell me I looked like my mom, but I don't know what happened…. lol. Thanks for checking out my video on Mom's Chinese Wonton Soup Recipe.

  6. this looks sooo good! your mom seems so sweet! you don't look anything like her tho! lol I'm going to try this Forsure! I'm so excited! thanks for posting!
    God bless both of you!!! 🙂

  7. Thanks very much for checking out my video on Mom's wonton soup recipe. I hope you will enjoy the wonton soup when you make it. Thanks for supporting my channel.

  8. Great to hear you love this soup. My mom is very happy to share her recipes on Chinese cooking. Thanks very much for viewing my video and thanks for your comments on Mom's wonton soup recipe.

  9. Cantonese restaurants do serve pork with the shrimp in their wonton soup. Some restaurants serve just pork or just shrimp in their wontons. It's really about what you like to eat. Thanks for your question and thanks for viewing my video.

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