Winter Soup Recipes


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  1. Soupe? Sound more than calorie soup, What kind of joke is that , with soûpe, your suppose to eat vegetables and healthy , not adding pizza ingrédients in it i mean , no surprise that american get the highter level of obesity in the world. Its a nope for me.😒

  2. That bear chees soup is good and fatty with all of that dang cheese.  But I am still going to try this recipe b/c it look so dang good.  I will strip it down from those heavy ingredients though.

  3. LOL, when this video started I thought for a quick moment "dang Wendy really bleached out her skin and is wearing one of her shortest wigs".   Of course this woman is much shorter than Wendy.  But she really could pass for a version of Wendy, IMO.

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