Winter Melon Soup | Bone Broth Soup [Nyonya Cooking]


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  1. Hi. Great recipe!! I'm going to try it but I couldnt understand what to do after you add the melon. You said clearly " After 70 minutes boiling, Add the melon then….."????!!!! Did you say "let it cool about 20 or 30 minutes or let it cook about 20 or 30 minutes? then servie" Because at first you said to cook it 90 minutes?? Many thanks. I can't wait to try it. 😉

  2. I made this soup last week end. Soooo delicious. I used dried scallops, It was amazing!!!You seem to be a very nice person, It is a pleasure to watch you.Thank you

  3. Love your winter melon soup really good and healthy . I also tried steam chicken either goji berries very delicious. I love your channel and cooking recipes are easy yo follow. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for reminding of this soup! Will make it tonight.
    Just wanted to add something I used to see my Mom do. We have coil burners, so she would char the squid on them before adding into the soup. This created a more pungent smokey flavour and in a way – more aromatic and rustic :).

  5. There are seedless red dates. And it is a wonderful thing to cook with herbs and wolfberries or goji berries are wonderful to go with chicken too with slightly salt and ginseng slices. :).

    Scallop is so so important. It was such a nice thing that it was so easily available in kl. 🙂

  6. Love your videos, Grace. Keep posting. I believe when I live abroad in the future, I'll have to refer to your videos to taste back the good classic Malaysian cooking. 🙂

  7. WHat does winter melon taste like? Can you describe it or compare it to something? And what is the texture of the carrots in the end product? I imagine it to be veeery soft because it has been boiling for 90 minutes! Could I add the carrots at a later point of time? 

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