Wild mushroom omelette recipe – Keith Floyd – BBC


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  1. I hate runny eggs. I would have preferred the "Old Dragon's" version of omelettes. She actually looks about the same age as he was, and I thought she had a friendly smile. I hope she never found out what he said about her. This was one of the few Floyd shows broadcast on PBS in the U.S. More's the pity he's gone now, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she's still around standing over her grandchildren's shoulders and teaching them how to cook. Too bad he smoked and drank so much. The mid 1980s really wasn't so long ago.

  2. The wonderful Keith Floyd, with his incomparable wit and amiable  mockery. The best cookery excerpt I've seen for ages. They've just shown this on Saturday Kitchen, and I'm so glad to find it here on YT. And Madame Moulin is magnificent – that rather conceited self-assurance that I wish I, and other English women, possessed. We've lost all confidence in our cooking abilities, which is a shame.

  3. you shouldn't go to decent restaurants if you like your steak well done, just over cook a cheap cut at home. Seriously why bother going out and paying lots, it takes no skill to cook a steak well done.

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