Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD


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  1. Рєбята, ви мене надурили. Я розлив половину води по всій кухні через ваший модний спосіб замішування тіста. *angry

  2. Wow that looked soooo good! Jamie where's the link to the recipe? I would have to convert from metric to US measurements as well, but that's fine…. Be nice to have a link with it printed out. 
    Wonder if you can use pesto, or something else if wild garlic isn't around?

  3. Much respect Jamie, after all these years and many videos later that feature your dear friend Gennaro. You still give credit to the people who helped you get to where you are. Ramsay is a good chef but you're a respectable chef.

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