White Chocolate Blondies – Dessert Recipes – Rachel Allen


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  1. I read that Rachel Allen actually receives hate mail because of her accent. It's just a posh Dublin 4 sort. I do find it a little pretentious at times, but she seems like a really genuine person so I forgive her! 🙂

  2. Her accent does sound Irish American and I find it quite attractive. I cannot understand why anyone would find it annoying or grating. Annoying is really bad southern accents using incorrect grammar, some extreme New York accents, or extreme Cockney type accents.

  3. Wow, these comments are fairly inappropriate.. Not seen many comments that aren't racist or sexist in some way.

    LOL BY THE WAY, In my house we call them chocolate niggers, i'd so eat one off her ass.

  4. @gisty84 I've never heard an Irish person talk like that, even D4s!!
    It sounds like she's either trying to speak really fancy or else she has a slight English accent?

  5. @iLikeCookie88 It is an Irish accent, it's an accent that is unique to the seaside towns of south Dublin (D4), dont ask why they talk like that, it just happend somehow :D, Rachel's accent is a little differnt though because she lives in Cork and seems to have lost her D4 accent somewhat, so her accent sounds real nice 😀

  6. OK….there is no such thing as white chocolate !! there is only Chocolate Chocolate…come people stop lying to yourself and to everyone else…and…There is no Santa Clause….!!! Wake Up America !!!

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