What’s The Soup – Appetizing And Nourishing Soups – Healthy Homemade Vegetarian Soup Recipes


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  1. I really love the way you cook or describe everything .Even I to love cooking it gives my happiness and from you I get more inspiration of new and different recipes . I just love ur show u r the best cook. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. what kind of corns r these Ruchi,not able to get the word u spoke mentioning  it,while making sweet corn soup ? Thank u so much fr wonderful easy n yummy recipes of soups.

  3. Thank you Ruchi for these awesome soup recipes.  I have tried couple of these recipes they really taste delicious. I am not a big cooking fan but still like to eat healthy. And these quick soups are just awesome !!!

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