What’s For Dinner This Week? ~Healthy Meals For The Family!~


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  1. I love salsa chicken, it's soooo good. I try to eat mine with either alow carb tortilla or over some Mexican cauliflower rice, delicious!! Now those chicken wings, I'm going to have to try making those, a friend of mine made some really good ones that were similar to yours but hers were ranch seasoned…and they were good!! Great vlog Melissa, I hope you keep this up Lord knows I need some ideas sometimes…😋

  2. hi Melissa, food looks good ,i make lettuce wraps, tht u might want to.try mine ,i use ground chicken ,fry it a little bit,then put very very teriyaki the bottle that has garlic in it its a glass bottle then season with little salt, then throw in green onions,water chestnuts, and some mushrooms sooo good then iceberg lettuce with some oriental chile

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