What’s For Dinner? Stir Fry. Fresh garden vegetables. Beef and pork.


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  1. johnroosterrod65@gmail.com I LOVE to stir fry! I got my mom and dad a real wok for Xmas in 1981. I found it at a health food store in Wadena, MN. We had to 'season' it with oil. I was in Okinawa in 1989 and 1992 in the USMC and took classes on how to cook with the Japanese and Okinawans. Of on a tangent, it was clear in Carrollton, GA and a almost full moon! I couldn't figure out if it was Mars, Venus, or the Space Station? It was very, very, very slowly moving past the Moon. Semper Fidelis

  2. Serious question Joe: How do you not have High Blood Pressure eating all that salty stuff. You know that soy sauce is mostly salt? And I bought some Hunters Blend and it was too salty for me and you use it all time?

  3. Don't forget get your peppers in the house before the first Frost you can have peppers until January they're awesome and then you put them back out in the spring and you have more peppers just keep it alive it will feed your family big time don't forget

  4. Lookin good good Joe! Please buy a Blackstone griddle you would love it, you can cook some mean stir fry on one of them bad boys, and you'll have more room to work. Another great video!

  5. i ove watching your videos but I always get nervous watching you cut stuff Nd your cutting board slides around. I always put a damp paper towel or dishtowel underneath the cuttingboard to prevent it from sliding. I hope you take my advice. Luv the garden.

  6. Hey Joe in your videos in the kitchen I noticed that you often use what looks to be a fillet knife. Do you have a preference for this type of knife versus other typical kitchen knives and if so why?

  7. Great meal joe I do something similar and then I put over rice I need help on my potatoes first time planting this year they come up been about two months now when do I harvest them I see all of the potatoes you grow that inspired me to grow some any suggestions would help thanks

  8. Looks good Joe! If you like the sauce to adhere to the veggies a bit more, just mix a little cornstarch and water and add sparingly at the end. It will 'tighten' up the sauce for ya. Garden looks great as always. I see some mention Hoisin sauce. You could use that or even a prepared stir fry sauce. Instead of the liquid smoke you could use any one of a number of infused oils for flaver too. Lots of choices in the international foods section now. Have a great week!

  9. If you will put a damp paper towel under your cutting mat it will keep it from sliding around. And hopfully keep you from cutting yourself by using a dang filet knife to cut vegetables! LOL LOL

  10. That looks so good Joe, hope the weather is treating you OK, supposed to cool down here a few deg here in Illinois, hope you have a great day and see you on the next video

  11. iv just come form picking some broccoli from the garden we experimented for are first time planting think i over planted with the broccoli , cauliflower and cabbage its like a jungle but going very well so far

  12. That looked so tasty, Joe. Never had kohlrabi before, may have to add it to my list of things to try and grow next year. Although, if next year is anything like this year, boiling hot with zero rain for 9 weeks so far ( SW England), i may not be able to grow anything at all… But then, i will live vicariously through you. haha. Much love, xo Mojo xo

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