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  1. Jen I've been trying to get this to play for the last couple of days and it just won't play. Is it just me? I don't see any comments for the last three days so are other people getting it to play??

  2. This was so simple and I love how you explain everything. Cooking is not  my strong suit, but this is something I can make. LOL Sorry about your other recipe. That happened to me recently and I wanted to cry. No rhyme or reason. Thanks for sharing girl!

  3. Flawless!!! Delicious.
    I want you to show some Mistakes in your films ….sometimes they are better than the movie!! It is a good idea to have fun together.
    You are a Fantastic person :))))

  4. Hi Jen, thanks for sharing this!  I am wanting to make a vegetarian version of your pad thai…have you tried this yet?  I am wondering if I could substitute zucchini and red pepper strips  for the chicken?

  5. Thanks Jen.  The pancakes recipe looks so good.  I also want to try the bean soup recipe and your pesto.  I love the addition of the impromptu cooking.  I hope you do more of that.  I know you are loving your new kitchen and stove. Blessings, Priscilla

  6. Hi Jen, just made a big batch of kale pesto for some pasta the other night and have about a cup leftover.  I love the idea of serving pesto over baked chicken, and will give this a try tonight.  Thanks for sharing, really missed your recipe videos. Have a great day.

  7. Hi Jen, All Trader Joe's to my knowledge sell the fingerling potatoes. I've seen them in various states. That chicken would be perfect out on the grill. I am thinking that aside from the prep that is one of those quick and easy meals you can prep ahead of time and then just pop in the oven ready to go when you get home from work. Most of it of it can be prepped on Sunday night. Yum!

  8. The "Cook with Me" part was such a nice surprise! :))  Everything looked delicious.  I'm hungry now…lol  I completely agree with you, fresh pesto is always best.  I love how vibrant if looked in the video.  Oh, and I love how the rack of your oven slides out when you open the door.  Great feature! Have a great weekend! xo, Mirtha

  9. Just started using boneless, skinless chicken thighs and LOVE them!! So tasty and tender! I put a pack in the crock pot with seasoned salt and pepper and cooked on low all day. 30 minutes before eating, I poured bbq sauce all over and continued cooking. So tender and melted in our mouths. Thanks for all the great ideas Jen, as always!😊

  10. Love your channel! We eat vegetarian 4-5 nights a week and I can't wait to see more slow cooker vegetarian meals. I have a 5, 2.5, and a 6 mo old and your tips on house keeping are so helpful! Thanks Jen.

  11. Hi Jen, love the food and they prep in with it perfect. Oh loving how your oven shelf comes out onto door:-) how is it for keeping clean do you clean it every tune you use it? Thanks Angie

  12. Loved the food prep in the video 🙂  I miss your food prep videos!  Everything looks soooo good as usual!  I'll definitely be trying a lot of these.

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