What Will Happen If You Start Eating Oats Every Day


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    Your skin will look better. 0:51
    Your muscles will get much-needed protein. 1:48
    You’ll get a boost of antioxidants. 2:31
    You'll be full of energy. 3:19
    You'll lose weight. 4:19
    Your cholesterol will decrease. 5:00
    You'll have a lower risk of developing heart disease. 5:40
    You'll get rid of digestive problems. 6:00
    Oatmeal recipes: Apple pie oatmeal 6:50
    Oatmeal raisin cookies 7:43
    Almond butter-banana oatmeal 8:55

  2. My oatmeal recipe; 1. 1/3 cup Oatmeal 2. small handful of raisins 3. 1/4 cup of cold mill flax 4. 1 teaspoon cinnamon 5. pumpkin spice 6. chia seed 7. hemphearts 8. Pumpkin seed + flax granola 9. Gold Standard 100% WHEY Vanilla Protein. Most if not all can be found at Costco. I am 73 and was having hip and shoulder pain, it took time but with the anti-inflammatories in the mix worked and I am pain-free without drugs. ENJOY

  3. Old fashioned oatsl cooked with almond milk with a spoonful of peanut butter plus a few dashes of cinnamon and a couple teaspoons of brown. That's my favorite. I've been having that on and off for a decade now.

  4. I actually find that organic yellow grits gives me much more energy than oatmeal. I lose energy after about an hour and a half eating oatmeal, even if I eat a cup of it! I'd give polenta a try. It's also even cheaper than oatmeal.

  5. i've eaten oatmeal all my life, switching to steel cut this year after reading the instant that i had been eating was too processed. i'm 64 and am told i could pass for 63 3/4.

  6. I always have: 1 dl oatmeal, 2 dl oat-milk (personally I don’t think almond milk goes well with oats) and 1 dl water and I stir it on high heat and pour in a little bit more of oat milk of it looks too dry, and then I poor in a bowl with some banana slices and sometimes coconut flakes/ cinnamon or hazel nuts and always have oat milk in your oatmeal I DONT like it dry. Sounds like ALOT of milk but its actually not👀😍

  7. What a co-incidence! I have just bought a packet of Irish organic oats with the plan of starting to eat it as from tomorrow’s breakfast! I arrived home, switched on my iPad and the first thing to appear was this video!

  8. I eat oats since i was 10 years old. I guest its working. I’m now 56 years old🧚🏻‍♀️💃🏻🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️👙🌞🌹💫Oh yes it will make you lose weight and must eat 2 grapefruit one in the morning and before sleep.

  9. I am 54 and my muscle mass is awesome I eat oats 4 times a day which I have done for 20 yrs I eat this in between my other meals I use oats as my main carb intake and I don't get bloated like when eating rice

  10. What they don’t tell you in this video is how to avoid the anti-nutritional issues from oats. Oats should be soaked in an acidic medium for 24 hours prior to eating. After the soak, you must cook with heat, either boil or bake for porridge or granola. That way, you get the full bioavailability benefits of eating oats.

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  12. I have eaten oats for breakfast every day for decades, and often for lunch and dinner because it is one of the only breakfast serials that doesn't contain added sugar or salt (or both). Yeah, perhaps compared to puffed rice that's basically air, I don't feel any benefit from eating oats, especially for feeling full longer… I am overweight, bordering obese, so it certainly doesn't help with dieting – unless one compares it to to gram by gram to something like sugar puffs.

  13. I add too much to my overnight oats but they are addicting! Crunchy PB, Nancy’s organic Greek yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, almond granola, slices almonds, chia seeds when I have them, bananas and strawberries. Makes 7-8 servings.

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