What Japanese Frozen Meals Are Like


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  1. There are some frozen food here in Brazil like lasagna, pizza and french fries, but we usually eat fresh because frozen food here are hella expensive and tasteless.
    We never have frozen vegetables.
    Plus, noodles are waaay more usual than frozen food here.

  2. what do you call that? frozen healthy food? 😂 japan is super awesome (i think it's the best country i've ever visited), they provide a healthy life with practical and convenient stuffs. so cool! (i mention not only foods, but other cool stuffs made by japan)

  3. We genuinely enjoy your videos. When Aiko and your son started eating the Papico I was so happy because I actually know what they are! I watch a lady that makes S. Korean videos and she explained them in a Korean ice cream video. We live in the States (Los Angeles) with the hopes to travel to Tokyo and Seoul someday. I was wondering if you might sometime do a video about "shaved ice"? I've seen it often in my KDramas and even some kpop videos, and the Korean channel I watch. But I would love to see how it's made, the technique, history. Is it similar to a sno-cone? And I see it eaten with I believe the red bean curd? If so, why or if not what is it? Thanks again!

  4. Where I'm from, with the poverty level taken into account, my family doesn't really have a lot of frozen meals. We can't quite afford to have them all the time. Pasta, being shelf-stable, is a staple in my household along with rice, frozen ground beef, frozen chicken breasts, and canned vegetables. When we do have frozen meals, it's usually a family or party size lasagna, mac and cheese, or potato bake. We buy them in really big sizes, so we can share it, and put the leftovers away in the fridge for the next day's lunch or dinner. On very rare occasions, we'll buy frozen breakfast foods; waffles, sandwiches, and strudels. Frozen fruits are really great to make desserts and smoothies with, because as they thaw they become juicier.

  5. I am from Ukraine and we never buy frozen food, it's very bad. But in Germany where I live now a lot of things are pretty decent, especially pizza, fish and frozen pastry that you bake at home.

  6. Please make a video of all the instant ramen sold, whether frozen or non-frozen.. all please. It would be interesting. even just grocery shopping and reading off labels. I heard there are some potato flour ramens.

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