What I Eat In A Day – Vegan Edition! Healthy Recipes! Mind Over Munch


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  1. I'm obviously a little late to comment on this video- but i thought my message was important. Since I saw this video last year, the cauliflower curry has become my (non-vegan) family's favorite dish. We make it about once a month and bring it to all our family or friend get togethers. I can't possibly send enough thank-you's your way! xxx

  2. Well I love the hair. I like this length on you, too, so flattering. Mmm I miss bananas. Wow that's a HUGE grapefruit! And yes, they're delicious. I too eat low-salt almonds. Just enough to satisfy my salt craving but doesn't overwhelm. Ha! Yes! I just today was told to add a Gatorade to each day because my salts are low. Celery peanut butter yummo.

    Recently viewed a Facts video (they're so fun and I love listening to a brogue) wherein they (all Irish folk) taste-tested American school-age snacks one being Ants on a Log. New to them, quite familiar to me. They were intrigued, amused, confused. Some liked it some didn't. I love that combination of p.b. celery and raisins. Also tasty is celery, cream cheese and raisins.

    Ergh, one friend once asked me if I'd ever eaten lettuce and peanut butter. Good lord no of course not. She said she sometimes puts lettuce on p.b. sandwiches. Um, okay. Pickle I'd heard of which I don't jibe with either. But she said if I've eaten celery with p.b. then give it a go. Lettuce, not pickles. So I did. Spread p.b. over a leaf, rolled it up. Kind of reminiscent of p.b. in celery but just too weird for me.

    Okay back to the video. Oh you have one of those machines that makes strings! What fun! By the way you look great. Love the make-up, subtle and light but totally there. Cute top, too. Mm squash. Ever had butternut squash ravioli? Yum. Your pasta dish looks great. Haven't tried yeast sprinkled on like that, only had it in well usually in meatless products, patties and such.

    Curry, delish. Do you ever end up with bitter quinoa?

  3. I love that your mentality of listening to your body and eating what's right for you, even when that means days you'll eat primarily vegan foods. I share the same mindset. I love to eat vegan meals at times just to try and challenge myself to cook new recipes and try new dishes, all while adding variety in my diet.

  4. Love this video! I'd also really love to see a video explaining different kinds of fats and or oils, kinda like your sweetener one. There's so much information on whats "healthy" and "unhealthy" in terms of fat

  5. Thank you for posting so many vegan videos even though you're not actually vegan. I'm vegan and would not be able to enjoy your channel (which I totally love!) without these videos. Not all non vegans are so supportive or willing to eat or prepare vegan meals 🙂

  6. I love how honest you are and that you don't stick to one paericular diet , I feel like with some health or vegan you tubers they kind of make it as if being vegan is the only and best option

  7. Also, do you have a vid on how you "reset" after going off the rails? I just got back from a vacation where I ate junk and was super lazy….and now I'm having a hard time getting back to my clean eating/workout habits. Love love love your vids and these are so helpful since you actually explain WHY you're eating what you are…not just pretty pictures. 🙂

  8. first of all, I love your videos! one thing I wanted to say is that I feel bad that you have to have the disclaimer about telling people what to eat in so many videos all because people wanna be assholes. you do great, ignore those people 🙂

  9. I love how you always say to keep an open mind with eating and eat whatever you like..the key is to be mindful. It's a great attitude to have especially amongst these other youtubers that think it's their way or the highway!

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