WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy Recipes & Post Workout Snacks


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  1. Obsessed with all your videos; that i keep watching old ones too!! Pls do more of what i eat in a day kinda videos!! Watching those videos motivates me♥️💯 Also which vitamix blender exactly do you have, I’m looking for a blender but totally confused lol

  2. love love love your video's. just a quick idea about kale or spinach.. i came up with a few years ago (I'm sure it was out there but i had never seen it before). i was heading off on a road trip and noticed i had a kale and spinach in the fridge and was worried about it going bad before i got back. so i rinsed and dried them and placed it in a freezer bag and squished all the air out of the bag.. well low and beyond this is now one of my new routines when i have too much spinach and kale. ( i actually buy extra when i'm in edmonton and can get to costco) i freeze them. easy to break off a frozen bunch of both and add to smoothies.. 🙂

  3. I became addicted to your channel about a month ago. Your videos have been a truly motivation for me to eat healthier. Thank you for your time and dedication! I had a question about the collagen. Did you ever had any side effects? I started taking it with my husband and a couple of days ago. I've been fine but he's been complaining about bone pains. Have you heard of anything like that?

  4. Hi. Subscriber here –
    Cucumber is mostly made up of water. There's no point peeling a cucumber if its not organic as the chemicals leech into the actual content of the vegetable. So you're not really doing much except wasting the skin which holds beneficial nutrients.

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