What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Everyday Recipes


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  1. What a clever idea to eat your morning smoothie like soup! I never thought of that and will definitely try it. In my case, eating has to be a "tangible" experience to help me feel full..so going through the act of "eating" the smoothie vs. drinking it will go a long way in making me feel full and like I actually "ate" breakfast. Love it!

  2. I like to make a super healthy smoothie in the morning and then the night before I freeze musli and yogurt in a glass, then top it with some blueberries. It tastes so good ?

  3. hey can u do a video on dark spots. pleassee i know u already hav one. but i have used everything possible lik scrubbing turmeric lemon. but nothing is working for my dark spots. please help me.
    thanks! lotzbof live from qatar! 🙂 :'(

  4. May i asked where you got your hair coloured? I love the colour and wanted something similar but it came out way to warm and orangey. ( I live in the lower mainland btw) ?

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