What I Eat In a Day #2 || Healthy Spring Recipe Ideas!


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  1. So much easier if you put the torn spinach leaves down, then the egg mixture. And you can literally squeeze the avocado and all the stuff comes out, no need to cut in your hand 😉 But seriously, I love these kind of videos, please keep up the good work! Thanks! :)

  2. It really makes me said that I can't watch any of these videos without majority of the comments being vegans either telling someone to go vegan or attacking people. Like stop. Everyone has their own opinions. Yours isn't necessarily right for everyone.

  3. Heya Awesome Gal:) Try looking into Veganism please? There are TONS of Vegan recipes out there and I'm sure you'd be drooling over them!<3 Nice Cream, Vegan Cakes, Vegan Burgers, Vegan cheese, Vegan Pizza, you name it! It's a much healthier option and I feel like there's no need for the slaughter of animals just for our consumption. Also, if you have some free time, would you so me a favour and watch 'Cowspiracy' for me? It would be an absolute honor:)

  4. I love these videos! The food goals! I am currently documenting my weightloss journey on my channel and the biggest thing I struggle with is eating the same thing all the time and then getting sick of it and binging lol. Thank you for sharing this gave me a few ideas!:) xx Bea

  5. Lazy Girl's Guide to Guacamole: mix a smashed avocado with either a) store bought pico de gaillo and lime juice or b) basic store bought salsa. Just as tasty with half the work!

  6. everyone is saying that she's eating a lot and that it's not healthy, but at least she's not eating salads, bowls of fruit and smoothies everyday like everyone else. finally something different

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