What I Eat After A CHEAT MEAL | Healthy Recipes | Plant Based


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  1. oh my gosh i have SO MANY video ideas for you!!
    1. hauls and how to style clothes (honestly your fashion is underrated on this channel!? i love love love your instagram outfits!!)
    2. stretching vidsss
    3. low calorie meals?
    4. a day in the life of chloe 🙂

    thank you so much for everything! your tips and workout videos have really helped me tone up the past year~

  2. Should I eat after a cardio/workout session?? If so, what should I eat? I feel like it would prolong my progress…I do cardio like jogging 2 times a week and the rest of the week I mainly do a variety of other exercises that focus on legs,abs,arms,butt,full body at home…I don’t lift weights…I just use my body…I only workout for about 5 days…and relax on the weekends…I’m trying to lose body fat and get toned, especially in my belly

  3. Oh my god u r so pretty I love ur work and also ur food u r my favourite fitness lady I also follow ur exercise video. And now u r giving a giveaway wow I really want ur giveaway i pray I win at lest ones love 💕 u

  4. I'd like to see you make videos of:
    1)5-10 plank workout challenge (short videos when we don't have time to workout)
    2)yoga and stretching videos to cool down
    3)daily vlogs of what you do in a day
    4) and of course, MUkBAAAANG

  5. I hope in the next year you continue the kinds of videos you film but also….

    ~ Clothing (non gym) ideas
    ~ Haul on things you purchased; why you bought them, what you like about them, etc.
    ~ More gym workout routines for different types of body types, active levels, fitness goals…
    ~ Oooh maybe gym routines using gym machines?
    ~ Beauty related videos: skincare, hair, makeup
    ~ HOLY GRAIL ITEMS: please recommend us some clothes, products, foods/snacks, apps, etc.
    ~ Pre workout (warmup) and post workout (cool down) stretches and movements!

    I wish you will be able to expand your video ideas/content. Thank you for your hard work and I hope my ideas will help you for 2019 💞

  6. December is full of cheat meals. Yesterday i went to my friend's house to a Christmas dinner and had a lot of fun with all of my friends. I hope you all are having a great december filled with happiness and joy 💖

  7. just to be clear I like nuggets,… I'm just not a nugget masochist.

    tenders fresh out of the grease???

    … (thinks about it),…

    (sigh) fine,… strap me to the God damn table.

    let's get this over with. buffalo sauce please.
    and take the blindfold off, I wanna look people in the eyes while this is done to me, lol.

    they better be fresh too, I don't mess with those sun lamp zombie tenders.

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