WHAT I ATE TODAY VLOG + Easy Dinner Recipe, Penguins, & Vegan Donuts


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  1. HOW CUTE ARE THOSE PENGUINS?! I have so much appreciation for that ADORABLE animal now. It was truly such an amazing experience! Have you seen a penguin in real life before?! If you haven't… come to South Africa 🐧 Also, let me know what ya thought of this video in the comments down below! Much love guys. xxx

  2. hi Maddie! i was wondering if you could perhaps publish a paper book copy of your ebooks? i dont rly like using technology for recipes im more of an old school style person.

  3. the quality of this vlog is INSANE!! you guys definitely upgraded w that new camera. and Maddie you were so cute with all the penguins😭 when you said this was the best day ever it was so genuine and sweet

  4. Maddie!! I just tried out your tacos recipe and it was seriously THE BEST tacos I’ve ever had!!!! SO DAMN GOOOD!! Are you a genius or what?! 😩😫 it’s literally blown my mind 🤯

  5. You both just thinking about food and binge eating on sugar. I was vegan before but people like you made me stop because I started eating like you do so I was just thinking about food and sugar.

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