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  1. Hi hannah i am from india and i am so inspired from ur weight loss journey….. I am married and a mother of 2 year old daughter, and its impossible to go for vegan diet, as i dnt have so much enwrgy ro cook vegan and simple foid for family. Please tell me some workouts as i am a beginner… Olz plz suggest

  2. can anyone tell me if the lets get saucy ebook has a lot of cashew based recipes? cashew based sauces make me feel sick so i want to know if the book would be worth it — thank you!

  3. My cat Littlefoot LOVES chickpeas and other beans 😂😂 love your videos – you were my biggest inspiration to finally go vegan after 23 years vegetarian. Going strong now with almost 2 years Vegan & never going back. Love from incredibly snowy, bitterly cold Minneapolis, Minnesota 💚

  4. Hello! Ive been subscribed to you for quite a while. My first time commenting. I really appreciate your videos. Enjoy seeing you and Derek grow together. I am slowly transitioning to vegan. since I have been changing my diet, I too have longer healthier hair. Could never get it past my shoulders before. I think we all have days where our confidence wanes. Probably part of being human. Oh also seeing a change in my eye color. I have so much love for animals, it's hard for me to understand why everyone turns a blind eye to the slaughter houses and what goes on there. I can only send them love and hope that they wake up. Keep shining! 🙂

  5. I really admire and respect you. I love what you had to say about confidence. You’re soo right about it being crucial to achieving goals. I have a lot of girl friends that struggle with their identities and self-love. It makes me soo sad. I try to explain these concepts to them, but they don’t really seem to internalize it. It takes a level of self-awareness that I think a lot of people lack these days. So… thank you for sharing that message 🙂

  6. Great talk on confidence. So much truth spoken!!! I'm definitely inspired by your words. I'm so tired of waiting to love myself until my body is at a certain place or size… I don't understand why I constantly am torturing myself by hating where I'm at… thank you for this. 💕

  7. I've gone Vegan a year ago, after having my Son, I still have around 8-10 kgs to lose and I want to try High Carb low fat to lose weight but I get so hungry and could eat lots of potatoes and rice because i love them BUT i am SOOO scared to gain weight doing so that I end up trying to eat HCLF but restrict myself a little, and by 3:00 pm , I am binging on all High Fats vegan everything. And back to my old unhealthy binge habits. I have had the hardest time losing weight on a Vegan diet and I would love that HCLF work for me but again… FEAR. Anyone can help sharing their tips or stories? Summer is around the corner and I would like to be able to fit in my pre pregnancy clothes in like 3 months.

  8. I can't eat gluten either, but also have a peanut allergy. I can eat small amounts of other nuts though, so I sub out for other nut butters or skip nut orientated recipes, but I like Let's get Saucy!

  9. When I accepted my self as what I am and stopped waiting for change, that was when change was actually induced. I started to do better with engineering classes and it had such a huge impact on the rest of my life!! I used to feel like I was never doing enough despite the all the studying, and many years eating wfpb, but then I just embraced what I already am and it was crazzzyyyy (also taking a few months off social media really helped)

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