What I Ate In A Day + Vegan Indian Dinner Recipes!


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  1. Haha so I was looking for a vegan Indian recipe video and I was looking at all the thumbnails and most do them are all pink and aesthetically pleasing with tea and veggies in the picture but NO ACTUAL INDIAN FOOD IN THE THUMBNAIL lol and then I saw ur thumbnail and I was like THIS LOOKS PERFECT I was not disappointed lol

  2. Your channel is seriously so chill and realistic which I appreciate as someone trying to transition to mostly plant based!! Plus you're so sweet 💕 so glad I found your channel!

  3. The next white person who says Indian food "looks gross but tastes good" is getting DISMANTLED publicly. screw this obsession with bland top chef diner aesthetics. does the world need to suck up to the "two objects on a plain background" view of food? Do you know how disrespectful you are being? If you are so averse to Indian food don't make your pathetic bastardization of it. Believe it or not this food looks tasty to many people and your opinion is secondary,

  4. This was the first video i watched from you because it was in my recommended and honestly i'm so glad it was. I love you so much, especially all your recipes & videos. You're so down to earth. I'm just so glad i found your channel. ❤️

  5. Hey guys ! I'm am pretty new with cooking and everything so ahah this might be imbarasing😅 When they say almond meal or almond flower in a recipe, do i buy it at the grocery store pr what? Like i don't know how to procure myself some 🙈

  6. Hi there! I absolutely must know your know-how for having such beautiful white teeth!!! Pls reply!! I've tried so many natural/purchased products and nothing worked 🙁

  7. I use to LOVE Sag Paneer. I am so going to try your recipe!!!! Thank you for introducing me to some new YTbers. I love Indian food but it is usually very fattening, has lots of oil, very rich but oh so yummy and savory.

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