Weight Watchers – Zero Calorie Soup Recipe


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  1. Thank you Sophia ,,,you are such a inspiration…I was just at doctors and I am a senior , and she said she wanted me to lose at least (mind you I need to lose alot more) but 25 lbs…for my health….I have been on weight watchers before…they are the authority, but I have to simplify it I think this time to stay on it,,but for sure count points…you were a blessing to discover….thank you…Bless you and good luck to you ….looks like you have a wonderful family

  2. Oh my goodness this soup is good. I adjusted based on my tastes, (the red pepper flakes are amazing) and it was delightful on a rainy afternoon. Thanks very much for sharing. Zero calories or not, it's a hearty and delicious way to make a very healthy soup.

  3. We made this a couple days ago, and I thought it was delicious. It's one of those that's even better on the second day. I left out the carrots, but otherwise followed exactly. I like that none of the veggies overpower the taste. It's a lovely mixture. Thanks for sharing! This will be a regular dish in my diet from now on.

  4. just made the zero calorie soup and it is delicious. i am going to make some small pasta or white beans to put in his bowl with the soup. im not a kale person so i sub green beans…. a very easy very healthy soup anyone should like. thanks for the recipe!

  5. "Zero Calorie" "Weight Watchers".. All these foods DO have calories and chicken stock is shit and will make you gain weight. Go for a whole food plant based diet, not this bullshit.

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