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  1. I really like this… However, I'm super scared to start meal prepping cuz like… I'm scared it will get old… Such as the overnight oats.. Like.. You made 4.. How are they not gonna go stale??? Don't they have a limit on how long they can be in the fridge? I've been taught that stuff like that can only be in the fridge for 3 days max…. I'm confused… Someone guide me plz xD

  2. Anyone actually able to get this done in 1 hour?

    Took me 3 hours and I wasn't even able to make it all the way through. I had to make many short cuts to just make it in 3 hours. Great recipes but holy moly.

  3. Yummo! Thanks for this…I was a bit lost trying to orgasnise meal preps but your food looks soooo good and also simple to prepare! I can't wait to try it out this week. Cheers!

  4. Bummer , I just found you and watched another video of yours and thought you were vegan bc all the recipes you did were vegan. Then I went to this vid and realize you aren’t 😫

  5. I liked your video. I'm lucky that I have time to cook almost every day (and I find it very relaxing, so I actually welcome the time I spend in the kitchen) but will use some of your ideas in order to have a few things ready ahead of time, especially breakfast items. That's a meal I often neglect. Thank you!

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