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  1. భారత దేశ యువతకు మీ లాంటి తెలివైన చురుకైన… ఈ వయసులో కూడా ఇంకా కష్టపడే తత్వం మన పరాయి అని లేకుండా ఎదుటివారిని ప్రేమించే తత్వం గల మీరే మా యువతకు ఆదర్శం…. భామ మీకు నా సలాం….

  2. Love u dadi… I m also having a cooking channel…. And learning all the cookings from u all only… Bless me…. I wl pray to God for ur long life …. And ur cute smile reminds us about our forefathers…. Thanks ….
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  3. Who liked this video like, share and subscribe. Those who didn't like pls don't dislike really she is working hard. What tuloski said is correct. He/she says that keep on eating in McDonald's and die at 60
    While she is eating with flies and surviving more 100 too.

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