VLOG 12 – Cheap Potato Recipes ($3 a Day – Vegan – Part 4)


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  1. Loved the video! However, I will say that fresh ingredients/produce is incredibly cheap in Europe but specifically Berlin. Here in Montreal, Canada, a similar sized bag of potatoes can run you $7.50-$10 depending on where you go. But I'm so excited to move back to Berlin in the next couple of years. It's my favourite place in the world and my new home.

  2. try potatoes and rosmery focaccia (same as pizza, but a bit thicker)… just potatoes, sliced super duper thin, rosmery, bit of olive oil and salt… perfection!

    ps: just discover your channel (thanks to instagram) and I'm totally in love!!!

  3. I was wondering if you spent more than $3 at the very beginning when buying in bulk and then portion out the amount you have each day so you don't go over $3 for that day? Thanks, and love your videos, super inspirational!

  4. aaaawww! your editing is so awesome!! 🙂
    And I love how your video is so perfectly not perfekt with the loughter and so different from every other channel
    definetely subscribing 🙂

  5. Hello again! Beautiful video. I was watching your Peru video the one with Anisa  from  Les Matins,I emailed her,she said they now are going to able to do international orders !. I can't wait to get paid,tea time 😃 thank you for helping me find out about her shop. That potato pizza looks bomb,I'm going to try to make it. If I want to mail you guys something ,where can I send it to? Thanks.

  6. This is awesome , thank you! Also having a potato week, I am trying all your recipes, especially the one with the sweet potatoes & beans stirfry, so clever! ( today I made a spicy red lentil soup with carrot and A LOT of potatoes!) 😀 Greetings from Holland

    P.S. Your yellow/orange bag of potatoes looks exactly like mine 😀

  7. Loved the video and also share your love of potatoes! Especially loved the shots of Lou walking the potatoes home 🙂 I'm going to try out the latkes!! It's midnight and now all I want are some potatoesssss

  8. Hahaha Dana you beautiful human being, you made me laugh so much!!!
    Aaaaand btw have you guys ever tried potato cheese? Andrés and I always put it on pizza and use it as a dip for nachos and it's freaaaaking awesome! (and cheap 😉 )

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