Vitamix Tomato Soup Recipe


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  1. I grind oat groats into flour with the dry blade container, dump about 1/2 to 1 cup of it in with everything. Raw cashews are just so fatty for what they offer, and oats are definitely beneficial.

  2. As a suggestion, replace the cashews with one Yukon potato. Cook it first. Your soup will be more creamy, like bisque, and you will eliminate all of the fat from the cashews. Yes, horizontal video would be better, but the content is what's important here. Healthy eating. Great job!

  3. Need to start using my vitamix for soups. I will give this a try with the cashews. When I tried before to make soups I thought they were a bit foamy. Any ideas about that?

  4. Nice video…. thanks for sharing…. You are helping us on our health quest!!! Love the idea of cashews in the soup for a creamy texture. Great for people on a Paleo or Vegan diet. Appreciate your time.

  5. Don't you know how to use a camera phone? Turn the phone sideways when recording, that way the entire screen will be filled and no black borders down the left and right sides

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