Vietnamese Caramelized Pork – Thit Kho


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  1. Jay!! Teach them right bro!
    Put your nuc mam in after the meat,if not you waste it in the heat.
    Marinate your pork in garlic,ginger,black pepper and shallots for at least 30 mins.
    Caramelize the sugar between golden and brown,NO farther or will burn and turn bitter!!
    Dump and mix cubed marinated pork shoulder/butts into the Caramelized golden/LIGHT brown sugar and stir.Put 2 cans of coconut water/Juice(for one shoulder or butt)
    ,add H2O to cover meat 2 inches.
    Bring to a boil,skim,move to a rolling simmer,Then add Fish sauce,I add 8 ounces.
    Reduce and simmer,serve with jasmine rice,,french baguette or both.
    Garnish with cilantro,green onions or both
    Please get this dish right,my Viet grandmah taught to me.

  2. Ok, so a couple of comments.  Fish sauce out of the bottle is a tough thing to smell for lots of americans.  But after using it in cooking, the smell is totally not there anymore, unless you make various dipping sauces.  I'm a Vietnam War veteran (also known as the American War now in Vietnam), and also a rural Minnesota farm boy.   I came to know fish sauce from my Vietnamese friends while I was there, and when traveling back after the war.  I now slip at least a little in everything, from scrambled eggs to baked beans to various crock pot recipes.  It's my "secret ingredient" and is fabulous. I use sauce made from Phuoc Quoc island as much as possible, becuase it was known as the best source of good nuoc mam (Vietnamese name for it I still use.)   anyway, to answer the question:  "What's your favorite recipe using nuoc mam?"  well, its cha gio, using them wrapped in lettuce with herbs, cilantro, and dipped in the delicious sauce made from nuoc mam, sugar, hot peppers, lemon juice, etc….mmmm….everyone i've ever made it for love it…sometimes called Imperial Rolls…! 

  3. my mom makes thit kho all the time but never uses sugar! it looks a much lighter color than that and I'm sure it tastes very different too. I gotta compare recipes!

  4. Thanks, Jay.  I just tried this and it was fantastic.  I "made it my own" by substituting chicken thighs, because that's what I had.  I took them out after about 20 min to reduce the sauce, then added them back to heat up.  I also added a little citrus zest and sambal olek at the end.

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