Viennese MUSHROOMS IN CREAM Appetizer / restaurant recipe / Michelin star


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  1. Been away awhile, keep it up, traditions to keep alive, I agree if u had better video, a catch, u would have a larger audience, and appreciate lost art of dynamic de cuisine

  2. This appetizer was delicious. I couldn't make small mounds like in your presentation, don't know if that was because it wasn't cool enough or because the cream wasn't 40% fat, but everyone loved it. Next time I'll try using gelatin.

  3. You have a lot of talent and knowledge. I look forward to learning from you as I'm a professional cook looking to learn more. Man if your video quality was better you could gain many more watchers.

  4. Looks great! I love using mushrooms (poor mans escargot (or is escargot a poor man's mushrooms?)) for starters, so will be sure to check this out…

    Just a quickie… Olive oil has a relatively low smoke point (without checking, I believe it's around 190 Celsius). Wouldn't it be better to use a seed oil with a much higher smoke point, to avoid the potential acridity of Olive oil that may break down at such a high heat? My instincts would be to do that, so I must say, I was a little surprised to see you pushing it so high… Then again, I'm just a home cook. :-)

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