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  1. Vegetarians everywhere, lend me your ears! You have all made an excellent decision to not eat meat. It is a wonderful first step towards leading a cruelty free diet. HOWEVER, the food you eat still involves the maltreatment of animals! When you purchase eggs, THINK about the detestable living conditions faced by those hens. When you purchase milk, THINK about how corporations MISTREAT and ABUSE their cows for maximum milk production, GENETICALLY MODIFYING them. You don't NEED that HONEY, let those bees BE! A diet without ANY animal products, a diet FREE from cruelty…leave no footprint, my friends! #PledgetheVeg

  2. It looked soo yummy! I'm sure the bell pepper boats are stuffed with awesome flavours. Any suggestions to tweak the recipe so I can cook them in microwave or on stove?

  3. Rice cooked correctly should never have excess water that needs to be drained off. There should only be at maximum 1 1/2 cups of water per cup of rice & by the timed it is done cooking, the rice has absorbed every drop of water.

  4. The recipe looked delicious, however I don't think I could ever eat rice that you had to drain the water off of first. Properly cooked rice has no leftover, extra water in it & it is completely fluffy with individual grains of rice. My mom is from Panamá & we have a special pot called a pila, we add some oil to the pot, 2 cups of rice & we toast the rice (you can add garlic & onion)than about 3 cups of liquid (water, coconut milk or stock) & cook for 15-20 minutes. It's perfect specially when concho forms on the side of the pila.

  5. Looks good! And if you leave out the cheese and substitute quinoa for the rice, you can have a vegan version with lots of protein!

  6. Very delighted to see that you guts also do veggie stuff too. Being a vegetarian myself I find it difficult to see chefs doing something different than the traditional meat dishes. Well done once again boys. I'll definitely try this version of your stuffed veggie peppers. 

  7. it's so weird to me, that you guys (and that means you guys and quite a few people I've met in London) don't put anything in your rice. I always put olive oil, garlic and onions (very very finelly chopped) and salt, add the rice, mix a bit and then add the water. it's curious to me how dishes are made depending on where you live. oh and that's a fantastic recipe btw =)

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