Vegetarian Scotch Eggs Recipe


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  1. Hi Titli, I have just made them but I haven' t fried them yet. I need them for a picnic tomorrow…Is it ok to fry them now for tomorrow or shall I fry them tomorrow morning? Thank you…Elisa

  2. Could you eliminate the egg boiling step if you pressed the chickpea mixture (a fairly large diameter) onto a piece of plastic wrap, and broke an egg onto the center-top of the mixture and then using the plastic wrap, encase the broken egg in the mixture, then remove the plastic wrap outer coat, and go through the rest of the steps as shown? Otherwise the egg yolk looks pretty dry.

  3. It can be confusing to differentiate between animals and vegetables when unfertilised bird eggs are acceptable to some veggies and some also eat fish, and yes I do know what a vegan is – I did watch Star Trek.

    I'm only joking by the way , in case you're thinking of trolling me.

  4. Very often when I encounter a vegetarian version of a non-vegetarian recipe, it calls for chickpeas. Are there other alternatives? Just curious about it. 😀

  5. In India and some countries around India, eggs are not considered vegetarian, but in Western countries like England, America and Australia, eggs are considered vegetarian. Ovo-vegetarian eats eggs and vegetables, lacto-vegetarian eats dairy products and vegetables, and ovo-lacto-vegetarian eats both dairy AND eggs, as well as vegetable products. 🙂

  6. you can use… any beans .. kidney beans, brown/white beans which mush well… or use soya beans, anything you can think off which 'sticks' a bit so the paste doesn't fall apart 🙂

  7. Wrong NoDramaQueen… Vegans* don't eat eggs and milk , etc.. Vegetarians do or can eat eggs, drink milk, any produce which doesn't involve the necessary death of animals. Although as many know, there is a certain grey zone there when it comes to marine life… kinda weird but hey .

  8. I love your channel, your recipes are easy and your tutorials are so simple and light – and your speaking voice is charming! Keep up the amazing work, thank you. I'll definitely be showing this to my faire vendor friends. 🙂

  9. omg .. in india , vegetarian means no meat no eggs . but milk n honey is allowed and yeah the vegetables .. but now there is so much confusion over here . so i was brought up with concept that egg's arent vegetarian … like one guy mentioned ovivegetarian , ovilactovegetarian and stuff .. what the hell ..

  10. I'm not even a vegetarian and these look delicious…and fun! Pretty easy too. Thanks for another yummy looking recipe. I've tried 6 or 7 of your recipes and they've all been hits!

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