Vegetarian Recipes – How to Make Texas Caviar


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  1. different companies make them. wish-bone dressings and kraft and others (google -zesty italian dressing). i think that lime juice, olive oil, salt/pepper and maybe some cumin and or chile seasoning would be good.

  2. Great question! You can certainly use a different dressing if you prefer. If you would like to make your own dressing, we have numerous recipes on our site – pick a few to try out! In a pitch, a little bit of olive oil and lime juice, whisked together with salt and pepper would make a great dressing for this Texas Caviar.

  3. I wonder if some other dressing can't replace the Italian dressing. I'm not crazy about ANY Italian dressing I've had from a bottle. And I don't know how to make it from scratch.

  4. I was wondering the same but some people have more sensitive skin than others, Jalapeños are nothing to be worried here but when I cook with Habaneros I def need to wear gloves, else my hands will be burning for a day.

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