Vegetarian Recipes – How to Make Falafel and Cucumber Sauce


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  1. I made the cucumber sauce, it turned out delish! I also added a little sour cream and used it as a side dish for my Tamale pie.. Family really liked it – something different 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. You want a real amazing falafel go to dedemeds channel I've gotten rave reviews every time I make her falafel. This is the lebanese style.

    And when you make cucumber sauce think tazsiki spread the cucumber and add salt and let it sit a few minutes or your going to have watery sauce then you can add sour cream instead of mayonnaise and mint or dill, drizzle of oo, crushed garlic and a squeeze of lemon this is the Greek way

  3. Well as a lebanese chef I can tell you both the falafel and the cucumber salad are wrong , the falafel Is made from chickpeas , beans , green coriander , onion , garlic , salt , oriantal spices , somsom . The cucumber salad is made from cucumber , original yogurt ( un sweetened yogurt ) salt , garlic , green mint .
    This is the original falafel and cucumber salad if some people think I am wrong well they are wrong since these are an original lebanese dishes 

  4. yummmy 😋💘

    you can be placed in a tray and bake in the oven …

    also can be added pickled or sliced ​​eggplant fried or grilled or sliced ​​boiled eggs as additions to the Sandwich

    good luck 💕

  5. This recipe is not even close to falafel and the cucumber salad but still everyone cook the food on his own preference .. but a better recipe for the cucumber salad is to mix the cucumber with yogurt, mashed garlic, salt and a punch of crashed dried mint .. this is the original/best cucumber-yogurt thing in the whole world ..
    But thank you for this ! it looks yummy 🙂 

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