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  1. hey im new to the juice i would love help maybe day by day help till i get it down.. its my 2nd day it sooooo hard i have 2 year old and hubby that will not juice its just me.. and im ready to juice and new to this…. i made juice tonight it was not god at all!! thanks for any help

  2. I have a cheapy Jack LaLanne juicer. It's set up similar t the Breville Dan uses but not as powerful. It takes me less than 10 minutes to prep, juice and clean up. Only downside is you have to clean up right away, so when I juice multiple times a day, I also clean up multiple times per day. You can avoid that by juicing for the whole day at once. I'm not prepared to store it properly as I only started juicing daily two weeks ago. (see next comment)

  3. In our cold Canadian climate, some evenings I feel like having a treat, so I cut open an avacado, squeeze on a little liem or lemon, and just dig in, it's as satisfying as a bowl of ice cream!

  4. wonderful words. There is energy in everything! Thoughts, words, food, objects. I am trying to be more conscious of what is around me and what I ingest. Thankyou for all your encouragement. You and Krista are doing a terrific job of keeping it simple and keeping it going.

  5. there are actually microbes within the soil, that are on the veggies that are needed for the processing of the mineral cobalt, which is needed for vitamin b12 synthesis in your body.

  6. bro ,how much do you spend on all your goddies, i must spend about 400 bucks a week i need another income for this lifestyle,and do you recommend using soap on your veggies to remove any pestisides

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